Bronx Student Cyber Crimes Lawyer

Offenses involving the illegal use of computers have become more common as the world becomes more connected. A cybercrime is essentially any activity that involves the use of a computer to achieve an illegal goal. Any of these allegations can result in severe penalties.

However, the stakes are even higher for students accused of cybercrimes in New York. Students will have to deal with not only the potential criminal penalties for their actions, but also with their schools’ disciplinary boards. These boards operate outside of the criminal justice system and may punish a student even if they are found not guilty in court.

A Bronx student cyber crimes lawyer could help you if you are accused of any type of cybercrime. A skilled defense attorney could work to gather evidence related to the charges, examine the legality of police work that led to the arrest, and speak on your behalf in both the courtroom and before the school disciplinary board.

Examples of Common Cyber Crimes in the Bronx

New York’s cybercrimes laws apply to all its citizens, regardless of whether they are students. As a result, any adult and even older teenagers need to be aware of what computer activities are illegal.

One common example of a cybercrime is unauthorized use of a computer. According to New York Penal Law §156.05, it is illegal for any person to access, log on to, or otherwise use any computer without authorization from the user. This basic concept means that anytime an individual uses another person’s computer without permission they commit a crime. Under the statute, a conviction is a Class A misdemeanor meaning that a penalty may be as harsh as one year in jail.

More serious are allegations of committing trespass using a computer. This is a felony level offense that can result in a prison sentence. Under New York Penal Law §156.10, a computer trespass is anytime a person unlawfully accesses a computer with the intent to use that access to commit another offense.

Other examples of cybercrimes include:

  • Operating an unlawful electronic sweepstakes
  • Criminal possession of computer related material
  • Computer tampering

Regardless of the exact charge that a student is facing, a Bronx student cyber crimes lawyer could help build a defense appropriate for the facts of the specific case.

Potential Effects on a Student’s Education

Most colleges and universities employ disciplinary boards that investigate and punish allegedly illegal activities of students. These boards operate independently of the court system and many will conduct their own investigations without police help. If these boards believe a student violated the school’s code of conduct, they have the ability to suspend, expel, or otherwise punish a student. Even worse, the boards can still act even if a student is found not guilty in court.

A Bronx student cyber crimes lawyer may be able to help in these situations. When the school allows a student to bring an attorney to interviews or hearings, a lawyer could accompany them to these sessions. If the school insists on a student appearing alone, an attorney could help them prepare for the session and author statements to be read during the hearing. In either event, a Bronx student cyber crimes attorney could help create a defense designed to safeguard the student’s future.

A Bronx Student Cyber Crimes Attorney Could Provide Valuable Assistance

Allegations involving cyber crimes can range in complexity from the simple improper use of a computer, to using a computer to further another crime, to improperly stealing data from another’s system. No matter the exact nature of the charge that a student is facing, a conviction is a serious matter that could result in a lengthy period in jail. It is essential that students who are facing these charges take them seriously not just for the potential criminal consequences, but also for the educational ones.

A Bronx student cyber crimes lawyer could provide representation in both of these matters. They work to protect your rights and freedoms in criminal courts and to fight for your ability to continue your education regardless of the outcome of the criminal case. Contact an attorney today to learn more about how they could help you.

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