Contacting an Attorney After a New York City Assault Arrest

When you are arrested on charges of assault, you may be unsure of what to do next. The most important action to take after a New York City assault arrest is to contact an attorney or to contact a family member who can contact an attorney.

The sooner an aggressive assault lawyer is on your case, the sooner they can start defending you. This can include helping to secure bail, representing you at your arraignment, and working towards the most positive outcome possible in your case.

What Happens After an Assault Arrest in New York City?

After an assault arrest in New York City, there are two ways the case may progress. If it is determined to be low-level assault, the person may be given a desk appearance ticket that tells them a date in the future, usually four to six weeks away, when they need to appear at the local criminal court for their arraignment. The police trust that this person will appear and that there is not a need to hold them and schedule an immediate arraignment.

In a more serious case, the individual is usually kept in a holding cell of the precinct until the officer is done all the administrative paperwork, including processing the mug shot and checking the person’s criminal history for warrants. The difference is, once that is completed, the defendant is going to be transferred to the local criminal court and held in a detention cell until the case is ready for arraignment.

When To Contact an Attorney

While at the court, there are a few opportunities when a person can make a phone call. Once all the police paperwork is transferred to the prosecutor to create the official charging documents, they may have a chance to make a phone call. At this time, it is generally a good idea to contact an attorney or a family member who can contact an attorney. If the family finds an attorney for the arraignment, the attorney would be able to get in contact with that person before the arraignment, review the complaint with them, go through facts for bail, and help them understand the process.

After the charging documents are completed and filed, the individual is brought before a judge, the charges are read, and they are arraigned. At that point, if the individual has not retained an attorney, a public defender will be assigned to their case. If the person can hire a private attorney, the arraignment judge will tell them that they need to do so before the next court date. If they are not able to hire an attorney, the public defender will usually remain their lawyer. Any time following the arraignment, if the person has not done so, they may contact an attorney.

It is Important to Contact an Attorney After a New York City Assault Arrest

The sooner you contact an attorney after a New York City assault arrest, the sooner they can get to work protecting your rights. Especially in a more serious assault case, it is critical to have a lawyer who can start fighting for the best possible outcome as early as possible. Call today for the help you need.

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