Update: Anthony Mangone’s Sentence Cut By a Third

Today Judge Colleen McMahon of the Southern District of New York cut the sentence of Anthony Mangone, a politically-connected, Westchester County disbarred lawyer convicted of corruption charges whose testimony helped convict three New York state senators and a chief of staff, a Yonkers councilwoman, the chairman of the Yonkers Republican party and an attorney.  Today’s sentence of 12 months and one day follows the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit’s June 14 decision vacating Judge McMahon’s 18 month sentence due to the judge applying the wrong federal sentencing guidelines; in addition, the Court of Appeals had criticized Judge McMahon for going “beyond the entirely appropriate condemnation of a defendant’s criminal conduct.” Judge McMahon also eliminated her prior fine of $15,000 and reduced Mr. Mangone’s term of supervised release from three years to one.  Jeffrey Lichtman, representing Mr. Mangone on both the appeal and at today’s sentence, stated afterward “I’m not pleased when any client is sentenced to jail time, however, I’m very happy that Anthony’s sentence was cut by a third.”

Same Facts Remained – But a Much Lower Sentence

During today’s sentencing, Judge McMahon repeatedly expressed her belief that despite the Second Circuit’s decision vacating her original sentence, Mr. Mangone still deserved her prior sentence of 18 months because his actions were “the most egregious type of fraud in a democracy.”  Nevertheless, the judge lowered Mr. Mangone’s sentence by a third which should allow him to be released after serving approximately eight months in a federal prison camp.  Judge McMahon noted that Mr. Mangone’s conviction was “a loss to the bar.  There are other ways in which you can be a good lawyer.  With your kids, of course, and I have no doubt that you will.  But please find those ways, because I think you have a lot to give.” This was a far cry from Mr. Mangone’s first sentencing in which Judge McMahon claimed his crimes made her “physically ill” and compared him to a child pornographer.  Despite such language, the Court of Appeals stated that although “the district judge’s comments about the seriousness of Mangone’s crimes went beyond the … expression of the legitimate view that Mangone’s status as a member of the bar was an aggravating circumstance,” the court declined to reassign the case to a different judge upon remand.  Nevertheless, Mr. Lichtman stated at the time “I’ve had many cases before her in the past and I fully expect her to treat this case fairly and appropriately at resentencing.”  And after a lengthy resentencing, Judge McMahon did just that.

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