New York City Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter. Depending on your situation, you could face either a misdemeanor or felony charge for alleged domestic violence in New York. These cases are rarely as simple as the police report says. You need an experienced New York City domestic violence lawyer who will investigate the facts of your case.

Most domestic violence charges are emotionally complicated. Your attorney can tell your side of the story in court. They will not simply rely on someone’s version of events.

Instead, a skilled domestic violence attorney can dedicate themselves to discovering the facts in your case, and use those facts to defend you against these charges.

Domestic Violence Offenses in New York City

Under New York law, domestic violence is not a specific criminal charge. Instead, this term refers to criminal offenses committed against family members, including spouses, blood relatives, children, co-parents, and romantic partners.

  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Violating a court order of protection (restraining order)
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Menacing
  • Sexual abuse or assault

These family offenses range in severity from misdemeanor to felony charges. However, even a misdemeanor charge can result in up to one year in jail upon conviction. Prosecutors take charges that allege domestic violence in any manner seriously.

Anyone facing such a charge should contact an experienced New York domestic violence lawyer for help.

Violating an Order of Protection

When an alleged victim of domestic violence feels threatened or unsafe around a family member, they may seek a civil order of protection.

Commonly known as a restraining order, these court orders generally prohibit contact between the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator. Even though orders of protection are issued in civil court, violating the terms of such an order is a criminal offense.

Even if the restricted person violates the order accidentally, they could face a serious charge of criminal contempt. The penalties for criminal contempt range from one year in jail up to seven years in state prison.

Defending Against Domestic Violence-Related Charges

In some cases, those accused of domestic violence were actually trying to defend themselves against intra-family violence. These cases are often prosecuted based on the accuser’s word that violence occurred without much corroborating evidence.

In fact, police and prosecutors often ignore the accused’s account of what actually happened in emotionally fraught situations. Those accused of domestic violence can claim self-defense when they were simply trying to protect themselves or loved ones from harm.

Given the gravity of charges like those listed above, anyone facing a family offense in New York City needs a domestic violence lawyer in their corner. A domestic violence defense attorney can stand up for a defendant’s right to self-defense, and fight to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

Let a New York City Domestic Violence Attorney Assist You

If you are facing domestic violence charges in New York City, call a criminal defense attorney today. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are great. Such a conviction can lead not only to legal penalties, but to social consequences as well.

Those convicted of domestic violence charges face a lot of stigma even for conviction on misdemeanor offenses. Your best chance at avoiding conviction altogether is to contact a New York City domestic violence lawyer immediately upon arrest.

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Was charged with a federal drug conspiracy. B1b 5-40 year mandatory minimum sentence. He saw holes in my case my prior attorney could not see. My prior counsel had told me to cooperate with the government that the evidence was too heavy. Which I was not willing to do.... what kinda lawyer tells you this?.. so I looked for a new lawyer n chose Mr. Lichtman..! Mr. Lichtman saw something in my case that he capitalized off of. That paid off through out negotiation with the prosecutor that was a great benefit to me. Which made me come out victorious in my case... My point being - with having a lot of federal criminal experience and a great eye to know what to look for. He found a diamond in the rough or a needle in a haystack!!! What I thought didn't matter in my case really mattered... really grateful to have him and Mr Einhorn by my side. Best experience I've had with a lawyer.. I've been through a lot of lawyers , Mr. Lichtman fought for me like it was his own life on the line. Kept it real from day 1. For real... I can say he is a true friend. Mr. Lichtman and Mr. Einhorn I am forever grateful. Preparation was key.

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