New York City Spousal Abuse Lawyer

As its name implies, spousal abuse involves committing certain types of abuses against a spouse or domestic partner. The charges are serious, and in the state of New York, individuals charged with spousal abuse will be tried in a special domestic violence court.

Abuse encompasses a wide variety of behaviors, but regardless of the charges you are facing, it will be wise to hire a New York City spousal abuse lawyer.

Charges of spousal abuse can be scary, especially when they are false or exaggerated, and you will need an attorney who knows the law. Contact a distinguished domestic violence attorney about how to begin building your defense.

Assault Against a Spouse

When most people think of domestic violence, they automatically think of assault. If one spouse assaults another, they can be charged with spousal abuse, and the charge they face will depend on the extent of their actions. If a person strikes a cohabitant or family member, they will face charges of domestic violence that include assault.

If a person uses a deadly weapon or causes serious bodily injury, they can face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, also known as aggravated assault. These charges are extremely serious, and if an individual is convicted, they could end up serving years behind bars.


Stalking is a serious crime that involves a person making unwanted contact with another person. It often occurs over an extended period of time, and the ultimate goal is usually to intimidate the victim or cause grave psychologically stress.

Stalking occurs most frequently between romantic partners, and it is possible to stalk a spouse, even if they are still married to the accused individual. Stalking can involve the following behaviors:

  • Following another person
  • Showing up at the workplace or home of another person
  • Sending unwanted or threatening messages
  • Making harassing phone calls
  • Destroying or damaging the property of another person

There are different classes of stalking charges, but the most serious (first and second-degree stalking) are considered felonies. If a person is charged with stalking a current or former spouse, they will need the aid of a New York City spousal abuse lawyer.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can be extremely devastating for victims, and often, they will need emotional and psychological support in the wake of an incident. When one spouse commits a sex crime against another, they are breaking the law. The following sex crimes are often committed against a romantic partner:

  • Rape: Marital rape occurs when one spouse forces the other spouse to have sexual intercourse against their will.
  • Sexual Assault: Making sexual contact with another person against their will is known as sexual assault. It does not include intercourse, but it does include unwanted or inappropriate touching.
  • Sexual Battery: When a person has sexual contact with a person who is unable to consent, they can be charged with sexual battery.
  • Sexual Harassment: Individuals can be charged with sexual harassment if they make unwanted sexual comments or advances to another person.

If a person is falsely accused of committing one of the acts above against their spouse, they should retain the services of a New York City spousal abuse lawyer.

How an Attorney Can Help

Getting charged with spousal abuse is not the end of the world, and it is possible to fight the charges with the help of a New York City spousal abuse lawyer from our firm. Local attorneys know how to handle abuse cases, and they can help you try getting your charges dismissed or reduced.

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