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Facing criminal charges in the Bronx is always a difficult and complicated endeavor. The arrest process can be humiliating, there are often many court appearances and requirements to which people charged with crimes must adhere, and the potential consequences can be life-changing. In light of this, it is a good idea to have an experienced Bronx criminal defense lawyer on your side right from the start.

An attorney who understands New York criminal procedure and laws and knows how the court system addresses crimes in the Bronx may be in the best position to help you defend yourself and work toward a positive outcome. A qualified criminal defense lawyer could explain the charges you face and your options for contesting them, provide advice and counsel, begin devising an effective defense strategy, and start to advocate aggressively on your behalf at every stage of the proceedings.

Different Types of Charges in New York

Under New York law, individuals may be charged with three types of offenses. These are classified—in order from least to most severe—as violations, misdemeanors and felonies. While violations are not technically crimes, they can be punished by a term of imprisonment of up to 15 days.

Misdemeanor crimes are more critical, with consequences that include up to one year in jail and a fine of $1,000. In New York, misdemeanors are divided into three categories, with Class A misdemeanors being more serious than Class B misdemeanors. The third category covers “unclassified” misdemeanors for which the severity depends on the individual situation.

Felony charges in New York are divided into five categories with Class A being the most severe and Class E the least severe. In general, all felonies are punishable by a minimum of one year of imprisonment, and the maximum punishment depends on the classification of the offense. Those convicted of a Class E felony usually face up to four years in prison, while the penalties for a Class A felony can include a life sentence.

Examples of Common Criminal Charges in the Bronx

While the New York criminal code includes a lengthy list of criminal offenses, certain crimes are more common than others. These include:

If you are facing any of these charges, a criminal defense attorney in the Bronx is available to speak with you.

Know Your Rights

Our criminal justice system guarantees certain rights to every citizen, but sometimes law enforcement officials violate these protected rights either through negligence or outright ill intent. In situations involving rights violations such as false arrest and police brutality, a proper argument constructed and presented in court by a skilled lawyer may result in a dismissal of charges.

A knowledgeable Bronx criminal defense lawyer could analyze the circumstances of a case and evaluate whether a rights violation is part of a wise defensive strategy, as well as whether compensation might be available for a civil rights violation.

Work With an Experienced Bronx Criminal Defense Attorney

The best criminal defense lawyers are those with extensive experience litigating cases who have seen how courts in the Bronx apply the laws in different situations. Simultaneously, a skilled attorney always makes the effort to listen to their clients to uncover every possible piece of information that could be used to form a solid defense.

An experienced Bronx criminal defense legal team is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of criminal proceedings and stands by their clients at all times, providing advice, finding the right evidence, and fighting for their rights until the best possible outcome is achieved. Call a Bronx criminal defense lawyer at our firm today to start exploring your options.

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