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People who are facing allegations of fraud in the Bronx may be scared and confused. After all, it is often a fine line between conducting business and committing acts that may be viewed as fraud. Unfortunately, prosecutors in New York take allegations of fraud very seriously and the potential penalties for a conviction can be severe.

Fraud is a crime that alleges that someone took an action designed to deceive another party. This typically includes an act such as forgery, bait and switch schemes, or even a simple misrepresentation of an item in a sale. In fact, there is an entire collection of statutes in New York’s penal law that speak toward allegations of fraudulent activity.

A Bronx fraud lawyer could help you understand New York’s criminal fraud laws, develop a defense designed to defeat the prosecutor’s case in court, and present that defense to juries in a way designed to protect your rights and freedoms. If you are facing these charges, protect your rights by speaking with an adept defense attorney who can help you fight back.

Fraudulent Activities in the Bronx

There is no criminal statute under New York law that punishes fraud as a general concept. Instead, prosecutors can use a collection of related statutes that can punish fraudulent activity on a more specific basis. Specific examples of New York criminal fraud statutes include:

  • Insurance fraud in the fifth degree New York Penal Law §176.10: It is a class A misdemeanor for any person to commit fraud with respect to the insurance industry which can include knowingly filing a false claim or providing false information on a policy application
  • Forgery in the third degree New York Penal Law §170.05: Forgery involves the making, completing, or altering of any written document with the intent to deceive another party
  • Falsifying business records in the second degree New York Penal Law §175.05: It is a class A misdemeanor for any person to make any false marks or to erase entries in a business’s records or reports

Regardless of the exact sort of fraud charges that an individual is facing, a Bronx fraud lawyer may be able to help build a strong defense.

Defending Individuals Against Fraud Allegations

Fraud allegations can vary significantly in their complexity and potential consequences. However, no matter the type of allegation, the prosecutor must always prove that the defendant committed the alleged offense with the intent to deceive another party. Therefore, a common defense is that the accused had no intent to deceive another.

Another common defense to fraud allegations concerns how police conducted their investigation. Many of these cases involve hundreds or thousands of pages of evidence that supposedly indicate fraud. If these pages were seized from a defendant’s office, or were taken off their computer, police need to have obtained a warrant to perform this search. A Bronx fraud attorney could petition the court to exclude evidence if police violated the right to privacy of the accused.

How a Bronx Fraud Attorney Can Help

Allegations of fraud have the potential to change your life. Even misdemeanor level offenses can result in a conviction that may result in a lengthy jail sentence, the imposition of heavy fines, and the creation of a criminal record. This could greatly affect your finances, freedom, and future employment opportunities.

A Bronx fraud lawyer could fight by your side to prevent this from happening. They can work to evaluate the legality of the police work that led to the arrest, examine the strength of the prosecutor’s case, and identify a defensive strategy that is designed to give you the best chance of success. Contact an attorney today to see how they could help you.

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