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Not every criminal offense in The Bronx or anywhere in the State of New York alleges violence or theft. There is an entire class of charges, known colloquially as white-collar crimes, that alleged misuse of money or corruption of the public.

One common example of a white-collar crime is bribery, which occurs when someone allegedly provides a gift of any value to a public servant with the objective of influencing that servant’s opinion. Just as it is illegal to provide a bribe, it is also illegal to accept a bribe under New York Penal Law.

A Bronx bribery lawyer could help you better understand the state’s laws concerning bribery. If retained, your dedicated fraud attorney could then work to conduct their own investigation into the incident, identify flaws in the prosecutor’s case, and present a defense in court designed to protect your best interests.

The Concept of Bribery

New York Penal Law §200.00 states that bribery constitutes giving or extending an offer to give any object of value to a public servant with the intent of influencing that servant’s opinion, vote, or action. NYPL §200.10 similarly states that it is illegal for a public official to accept a bribe.

A bribe does not need to take the form of cash—any “benefit” may count as a bribe. This can, therefore, include property, membership in clubs, or even vacations. A Bronx bribery attorney could work with an individual plaintiff to determine what the specific nature of their alleged bribery entails in this regard.

Importantly, both statutes refer to the concept of a public servant, a category which includes politicians, judges, and police officers. However, it is also possible to face allegations of bribing certain people who are not public servants, including labor officials, athletes, and employees or board members of companies.

Potential Consequences for a Conviction

The State of New York takes allegations of bribery very seriously, especially alleged bribery of public officials. Whenever the value of a bribe is under $5,000, the associated criminal offense is a class D felony known as bribery in the third degree.

Such allegations can quickly become more serious as the value of the bribe increase. For all instances of bribery valued at between $5,000 and $100,000, the charge becomes bribery in the second degree, a class C felony.

Finally, bribery in the first degree occurs when the value of the bribe exceeds $100,000. In addition, this charge may apply if the bribe was intended to result in the arrest or incarceration of a third party for a class A felony.

Any of these offenses can result in serious jail time upon conviction. It is vital that defendants take steps to protect their future when facing bribery charges, a process which typically involves contacting a knowledgeable bribery lawyer in The Bronx.

What a Bronx Bribery Attorney Could Do to Help

Allegations of bribery in The Bronx can often be complex and confusing, especially when what appeared to be the giving of a simple gift has now become a criminal matter. The plain facts, however, are that it is illegal to provide anything of value to a public servant with the intent of changing their opinion or actions, no matter how seemingly small.

A Bronx bribery lawyer may be able to help combat such allegations and could work to dispute the idea that an exchange of items ever took place. Even if the exchange did occur, they could potentially work with you to refute allegations that you did so with the intent to influence the target in any way. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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