Building a Defense for New York City Domestic Violence Charges

Only an experienced lawyer should be responsible for building a defense for New York City domestic violence charges. Domestic violence is a serious crime that covers a vast amount of legal territory, and if a person is convicted they could easily lose their freedom.

If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence, contact a capable domestic violence lawyer who understands the law and is capable of mounting a strong defense.

Commonly Employed Legal Strategies

When it comes to building a defense for New York City domestic violence charges, lawyers employ a variety of legal strategies. If any of the following can be established, the charges against the accused individual may be dropped:

False Allegations

Individuals falsely accuse others of domestic violence for a plethora of reasons. Often, these reasons are motivated by a desire to punish another person in some manner. If the defense can prove the alleged victim filed a false report, they may be able to debunk the charges.


If a person assaults another person in an attempt to protect themselves or their family members, they are acting in self-defense. This is the case in many situations involving domestic violence, and if a lawyer can prove that the accused person felt threatened, the court can choose to drop the charges.

Character of the Alleged Victim

If the alleged victim has a history of lying or filing false reports against others, the defense may be able to use these past behaviors to their advantage. If a person can be proven to be fundamentally dishonest, the court will naturally question their motives.

Insufficient Evidence

It is the responsibility of law enforcement officials to amass enough relevant evidence to charge a person with domestic violence. If they do not have enough evidence, or they violated the rights of the accused individual to collect the evidence, the case against the defendant may have to be dropped.

Defense attorneys will also use other methods to attack the validity of the charges and point out contradictions or holes in the argument of the prosecution.

Why do People Make False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Building a defense for New York City domestic violence charges is not easy, even when the accusations of violence are clearly false. Falsely accused individuals often wonder why another person would make up such malicious charges.

Unfortunately, this behavior occurs more often than many people think, and the false accusations are often fabricated for the following reasons:

  • To punish another person or get revenge
  • To remove a parent from the home
  • To tarnish the reputation of another person
  • To damage the career of the alleged abuser
  • To gain leverage in a custody battle

The reasons listed above are not the only reasons for making false allegations, but they are some of the most common. Individuals who wish to defend themselves against false accusations of domestic violence will more than likely need the aid of an experienced attorney.

How an Attorney Can Help Build Your Defense

If you need help building a defense for New York City domestic violence charges, it would be wise to contact a New York City attorney that can understand how stressful domestic charges can be. Your lawyer can do their very best to advocate for you, and ensure that your rights are being protected.

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