Preparing for a New York City Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence offenses can have serious consequences which is why it is important to begin preparing for a New York City domestic violence defense as soon as possible. Some of the preemptive measures you can take to build your defense are voluntarily enrolling in some sort of therapy, and strict adherence to any orders by the court during the pendency of the case. If you face domestic violence charges, a skilled domestic violence attorney could build a solid defense and fight vigilantly for you.

Voluntary Enrollment in Therapy

Depending on the nature of a person’s case, one recommendation when preparing for a New York City domestic violence defense is to voluntarily enroll in some sort of anger management or individualized therapy depending on an individual’s financial resources. Voluntarily enrolling prior to any sort of court-mandated session is a very good way for a defense attorney to be able to go to a prosecutor and say, without admitting any wrongdoing, that this person has dedicated themselves to improving this aspect of their life. It shows that the person is devoted to making sure that nothing like this either ever happens again, or ever happened in the first place, depending on what the defense is. Nonetheless, it shows that the prosecutor can be comfortable that the defendant is not at risk to re-enter the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

Following the Orders of Protection

Another element of building a defense that can be vital is observing any court orders, especially orders of protection. A lot of times, people tend to understand that they are not supposed to reach out but if the complainant in the case calls them, then they do not necessarily think it is such a big deal.

The violation of protective orders also constitutes a criminal offense. The biggest thing that a person can do to help themselves is not committing any crimes when they have an open case. Even picking up the phone, if a person gets a phone call from the complainant, is considered a breach of the order of protection.

Essential Evidence When Building a Defense

Essential evidence in If the allegations are that there is some sort of violence, some assault, and the police officers arrive and they do not observe any injuries, no photos are taken, a person refuses any medical attention, then the best evidence to can get is the fact that maybe EMS was called and the person told them at the time that they did not need any help.

Similarly, if the domestic violence was alleged to have taken place in some sort of public location and there is a camera that caught the entire incident, then that is obviously great to have. If there were other people that witnessed the incident, if this was a public display of an argument, having evidence that establishes a narrative that corroborates what the defendant says is essential.

Necessity of a New York City Domestic Violence Attorney

The main thing to consider is that domestic violence charges, while like other similarly situated crimes in terms of potential threatening or assault, are different in that there is always a lot of background baggage involved due to the parties themselves. These are not stranger cases, these are people that have some sort of relationship that has clearly become complicated.

Having an attorney who has experience dealing, not only with the straight criminal side of it but also experience dealing with the personal issues that go along with domestic violence offenses, can go a long way towards resolving these cases in a way that is favorable for you. Work with a lawyer that could begin preparing for a New York City domestic violence defense that works for you.

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