New York City Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

The risk of injury to a minor or child endangerment is any action taken by somebody who is entrusted with a care of a minor. Examples of those people are parents, guardians, or by anybody who interacts with a minor. A New York City risk of injury to a minor lawyer can help you fight child endangerment charges. It can be critical to have an experienced domestic violence attorney to speak on your behalf at appropriate times while in court.

Child endangerment is any action which potentially puts a minor at risk of some sort of physical or mental injury. The action could be related to exposure. Meaning, someone exposing a child to something that they should not be exposed to that could have long-lasting effects on them; or any behavior which could have a developmental impact or personal injury.

Classifying Risk of Injury Offenses

Misdemeanor criminal charges will be held in the criminal court, and in Supreme Court for felony charges. If there is a family court proceeding going alongside with the criminal case and there is a custody issue or civil order of protection issue in favor of the child, it would be held in family court.

Understanding Protection of Morals and General Health of Children

In terms of the morals or general health, the general subsection of that statute that would probably deal with that is 260-10, which is endangering the welfare of the child.

The related legal subsection is intentionally vaguely written to cover all behavior that could potentially be injurious to a child. The sex offense statutes cover different things like statutory rape and things like that where a person is under a certain age.

The other factor is over a certain age, but in the section of the penal law it deals with specific offenses against children. New York City risk of injury to a minor lawyers know that endangering the welfare of the child is probably the main charge associated.

What Does it Mean to Face Charges for Leaving a Child Unattended?

If it is leaving a child unattended in a car when somebody runs inside of the convenient store, they might be charged with endangering the welfare of the child, depending on the circumstances. That is the most likely charge. If the situation is such as that it is indicated that the person is not coming back, then there is a separate charge for abandonment of a child and that is actually an E felony.

That is one of the more serious charges. Leaving the child in a car is most likely not going to get charged with abandonment, but leaving a child in abandoned place to try to get rid of it or leaving it on the steps of a firehouse, then it becomes evident that a person is not planning on coming back to take care of the kid.

Reasons to Contact an Attorney

Any time that a person is facing charges that have some sort of stigma attached to them, hiring a New York City risk of injury to a minor lawyer who understands how to defend against the charge is important. Endangering the welfare of a minor might be an A misdemeanor, but it is going to be looked at completely different than a person’s A misdemeanor drug possession case. These cases involve victims that will inflame the passion of a judge or a jury.

They also deal with the most vulnerable kind of demographic as children cannot frequently defend or take care of themselves. Society does a lot to protect them. Jurors and judges will often, even subconsciously, deal more harshly with people charged with these kinds of crimes. In which case, the legislature might have intended by placing them on the same level with some others.

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