New York City Child Abuse Lawyer

If you or someone you care about has been falsely accused of child abuse, you should contact a New York City child abuse lawyer immediately. Child abuse covers a wide range of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, but other acts, such as neglect or exploitation can also be categorized as abusive.

Not all child abuse allegations are true, but when a person attempts to defend themselves in court without the aid of an experienced criminal attorney, they are placing themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

Often, individuals who suspect a child is being abused are wrong, but their accusations have a lasting impact on the life of the person they accuse. Accusations can destroy the reputation of a person, and follow them throughout their life.

Motivation for Making False Claims

Contrary to mainstream thought, not all child abuse allegations are true. Children are extremely susceptible to coercion, and often, adults with ulterior motives will exploit this susceptibility. Even without coaching from an adult, children can make statements that can lead others to assume they were abused, even when they are not.

Adults often encourage children to make false allegations of abuse for the following purposes:

  • To gain leverage in custody battles
  • To punish another person or obtain vengeance
  • To publicly humiliate another person
  • Blackmail or extortion
  • To get an adult removed from the home or their position of authority (ex: teacher, physician, etc.)

Impact of a Custody Battle

Custody battles can be tough and emotionally draining, but that is no reason to coach a child to make false allegations against one of their parents or guardians. To defend themselves against such malicious accusations, individuals should hire a New York child abuse lawyer.

Dealing with Law Enforcement

When dealing with law enforcement agents and investigators, it is imperative you avoid providing additional information without a New York child abuse lawyer present. When individuals are first charged, they often attempt to clear their good name by cooperating with police and providing large amounts of information.

Unfortunately, many law enforcement agents and investigators are not concerned with justice, and their only goal is to find enough evidence to get the accused person convicted. No matter how well-meaning investigators from state and local law enforcement agencies seem, accused persons must avoid speaking with them alone.

Consequences of a Child Abuse Conviction

When a person is convicted of child abuse, they will face a wide variety of penalties. These penalties can be harsh, and they often include jail time, post-release supervision, and legal fines. If a person is convicted in the middle of a custody battle, they could even lose custody of their child.

Even after release, individuals with a child abuse conviction on their record often face difficulty finding housing, getting a job, and reintegrating into the community. Simply put, the cost of a conviction is far too high to not hire a New York City child abuse lawyer.

Contacting a Lawyer

Child abuse charges are serious and conviction can negatively impact your rights as a citizen. For this reason, it is extremely important to hire a New York City child abuse lawyer from our firm to protect you against such malicious charges. New York City child abuse lawyers will work tirelessly to clear your name and get your charges dismissed. Contact our law firm today to speak with an attorney.

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