Jeffrey Lichtman Community Service Scholarship Winners

2020 Winner: Christina Burcelis

My name is Christina Burcelis, and I grew up in Camarillo, CA, and currently reside in Los Angeles. I attended the University of Southern California studying Communication for my undergraduate, and I am now presently pursuing my Masters of Science in Business Management and Leadership at Pepperdine Business School in Malibu, CA. I have always had a passion for leading and empowering others, whether through philanthropy or my work. I have worked in corporate America, working in sales, and I felt that I wanted to develop my skills to become an inspirational and influential leader within any organization. I have lived and volunteered in various countries such as Kenya, Morocco, and Spain, which has helped develop my understanding of others and learn how to encourage others to embrace diversity and expand their perspective of the world. Since I was a young girl, I immersed myself in various philanthropies to learn the importance of life and serving others. I thrive in learning about different cultures and individuals who challenge me to be a better person in my daily life. I aspire to be a strong business leader that develops my employees to be empathetic, worldly, and innovative in everything that they do.

Reaction Statement: I want to thank the Office of Jeffery Lichtman for selecting me to be the 2020 recipient. It truly is an honor to receive this scholarship. Community Service is of the utmost importance to me; being able to share my story and being selected to receive this award is such an honor. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education while lessening the financial burden that comes with higher education. I can not thank you all enough for selecting me for this scholarship.

2019 Winner: Leah Richter

I grew up in a beautiful city called Oceanside, San Diego but now live in San Luis Obispo while attending Cal Poly SLO. In college, I have the opportunity to study Psychology with a minor in Child Development to deepen my understanding and equip me to work with a diverse population including children at risk. My heart for others continues to flourish the more I become involved in my community. I love seeing how doing little kind things can play a big part in others’ lives. It’s awesome to reach outside of my comfortable circle of people to talk and interact with people that are different from me through community service – I get to learn so much from them. I hope that my life shows one that is eager to serve others through giving my time and heart to others and organizations that strive to give people a hand up. I can’t wait to become a social worker to further help people professionally. 

Reaction Statement: Thank you for the generous Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman 2019 Community Service Scholarship award. It is an honor to receive a scholarship for something as great as community service. Thank you for encouraging involvement with the community through this opportunity – it is so important. Through this scholarship, I am able to lessen my financial burden to focus on my school work more easily. I truly appreciate this scholarship for making a difference in my life as a hardworking student trying to make an impact on my community. Thank you very much for your heart to help students through college.

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