Jeffrey Lichtman Community Service Scholarship Winners

2019 Winner: Leah Richter

I grew up in a beautiful city called Oceanside, San Diego but now live in San Luis Obispo while attending Cal Poly SLO. In college, I have the opportunity to study Psychology with a minor in Child Development to deepen my understanding and equip me to work with a diverse population including children at risk. My heart for others continues to flourish the more I become involved in my community. I love seeing how doing little kind things can play a big part in others’ lives. It’s awesome to reach outside of my comfortable circle of people to talk and interact with people that are different from me through community service – I get to learn so much from them. I hope that my life shows one that is eager to serve others through giving my time and heart to others and organizations that strive to give people a hand up. I can’t wait to become a social worker to further help people professionally. 

Reaction Statement: Thank you for the generous Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman 2019 Community Service Scholarship award. It is an honor to receive a scholarship for something as great as community service. Thank you for encouraging involvement with the community through this opportunity – it is so important. Through this scholarship, I am able to lessen my financial burden to focus on my school work more easily. I truly appreciate this scholarship for making a difference in my life as a hardworking student trying to make an impact on my community. Thank you very much for your heart to help students through college.

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