Jeffrey Lichtman Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship Winners

As an experienced defense attorney with over 29 years of successful advocacy experience, Jeffrey Lichtman is well versed in the various issues facing the current criminal justice system. With this in mind, Lichtman established the Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship to reward one student of higher education who he feels embodies and best communicates the need for justice and sentencing reform in the United States.

Our list of winners is below:

2018 Winner: Isabella Mendoza

Isabella Mendoza is a first year undergraduate student at UCLA. She majors in Biochemistry and plans on going to medical school after she completes her undergraduate degree. Isabella is from San Bernardino, California. She is passionate about community service and helping underserved communities and people of all socioeconomic backgrounds gain access to healthcare, higher education, and more. This passion is a result of her upbringing in a city where drug use, high school dropout rates and crime rates are high.

After medical school, she plans on returning to her hometown of San Bernardino, CA to start a free clinic and community center. This clinic and community center will not only provide healthcare, but also music lessons, access to healthy food, mentorship for students, tutoring and community events in both English and Spanish. Isabella’s dream is to help the San Bernardino community as a whole and to hopefully make a difference in the lives of the people living there. She also wants to enter politics and work with nonprofits to represent the underrepresented and help to reform the education system with the goal of ending the school to prison pipeline, especially in Latino and Black communities.

In her own words:

I cannot explain how excited and appreciative I am to receive this scholarship. I am so grateful for this scholarship and the opportunities it will provide for me. This scholarship will help support me while I take part in internships over the summer and I will be one step closer to funding my college education. Thank you so much for your generosity and for the doors this scholarship will open for me.

With thanks,
Isabella Mendoza

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