Ammunition for Guns in New York City

The laws that apply to guns may not apply to ammunition for guns in New York. There is no criminal possession of a weapons statute for regular ammunition. The only time ammunition is really mentioned in the penal law is regarding large capacity ammunition feeders which are criminalized.

In New York City, there is an Administrative Code which makes having ammunition illegal. This means that someone can be charged with an unclassified misdemeanor within the five boroughs for possessing ammunition. To learn more about how to handle ammunition-related criminal charges, contact a driven gun lawyer right away.

Defining Legal Possession of Ammunition

A person is able to legally possess ammunition with no further questions being asked if they are a licensed firearms dealer or a registered owner of a firearm. It is legal to have ammunition for guns in New York for any gun that they are legally registered to have. If they have a .50-caliber handgun that is legally owned, they are allowed to have .50-caliber bullets.

If they have guns that they legally own and they are not a distributor or licensed vendor, if they have ammunition for guns other than the guns that they are registered to own, they are probably going to trip some red flags and invite some further questioning whenever law enforcement agency happens to be talking to them.

Outside the City of New York, there is no express ban in the penal code for possessing ammunition and, inside the city itself, getting a permit for a non-law enforcement individual to carry a firearm is exceptionally difficult and ammunition is criminalized. It is very difficult to legally possess ammunition inside of the city, but it is fairly easy to stay within the bounds of the law outside of New York City.

What is the Impact of Being a Legal Gun Holder?

They are able to possess ammunition for the legally owned gun. If a person is one of the very select people inside of New York City whom the Commissioner of the NYPD has granted a firearms license to carry inside the city limits, then under the New York City Administrative Code, they are allowed to possess ammunition for that specific firearm itself. They are expressly forbidden from having ammunition for anything other than that firearm. It is unlikely that a person is going to get charged with criminal possession of a weapon for having ammunition for guns in New York.

Can Someone Lose Their Right to Legal Ammunition?

If a person is a registered firearm owner and then something happens where they lose that right, or maybe they are convicted of a felony or a domestic violence charge, they have to forfeit that licensure. The bullets that they did once legally own inside the city, they can no longer legally possess.

Another example is if an establishment has a permit by New York State to sell firearms and for whatever reason either lose their permit or get it restricted somehow so that they are only allowed to sell certain types of guns, then a vendor would not be permitted to sell any bullet that is not on the approved list if their permit for vending in New York State specifically restricts what they can lawfully sell.

What Ammunition Holders Should Know

If they live in New York City, the most important thing to remember is to be very careful with the ammunition they have. Meaning, an individual can only have ammunition that goes to that specific firearm that is permitted to be carried. A person can also face consequences for showcasing the fact that they have illegal ammunition for guns in New York.

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