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If you are facing allegations of illegal drug manufacturing, you may be frightened and confused. The laws that prohibit this activity can be complicated, and you may need help to understand these laws and to build a strong defense.

New York’s penal laws only specifically prohibit the manufacture of methamphetamine. All other cases alleging illegal drug manufacture are typically the subject of unlawful distribution or possession laws. As a result, it is essential to possess a complete understanding of the laws to give yourself the best chance of successfully fighting any allegations.

A Bronx drug manufacturing lawyer could help you. A knowledgeable drug attorney can work to help you to understand the laws that fit your case and to develop a defense tailored to the facts of your charge.

Laws that Prohibit the Manufacture of Methamphetamine

New York Penal Law §220.73 states that it is illegal for any person to possess certain items that can be used to produce methamphetamine. These items include:

  • Two or more pieces of lab equipment in tandem with two or more chemical reagents
  • One item of lab equipment in tandem with three or more chemical reagents
  • Any precursor to the making of methamphetamine

Unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine in the third degree as described above is a class D felony. However, the charges become more severe if the accused has a previous conviction. This means that alleged repeat offenders face felony charges that result in a mandatory prison sentence upon conviction.

The Manufacture of any Other Illegal Substances in The Bronx

New York’s penal laws do not mention the manufacture of any other illegal drug. As a result, prosecutors use other charges for the alleged production of drugs. One example of this is charging someone with simple possession of large amounts of drugs.

The mere possession of large amounts of narcotic drugs is a serious felony. The highest level of charge, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first degree, is a class A-I felony according to New York Penal Law §220.21. If police arrest someone for making drugs, and those drugs are of sufficient weight, these charges may apply.

Prosecutors can also charge a person with possessing items that may be used to make drugs, even if those items are not per se illegal. The state’s drug paraphernalia laws, contained in New York Penal Law §220.50, criminalize the possession of any object used to aid in the drug trade. This can include scales, packaging materials, and chemical solvents used to cut drugs. A Bronx drug manufacturing lawyer could help those facing any charge related to making illegal drugs.

Reach Out to a Bronx Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Except for laws that prohibit the manufacture of methamphetamine, New York laws do not explicitly outlaw drug making. However, prosecutors will get creative and can use the state’s drug possession, sale, and paraphernalia laws to charge you with a serious crime. A conviction for any of these offenses can result in serious jail time and could impact the rest of your life.

Take a step towards protecting your future and contact a Bronx drug manufacturing lawyer today. They can help to conduct their own investigation into the incident, fight to refute the idea that any items seized in a search are connected to the drug trade, and work to protect your Constitutional rights during all court hearings. Call today to get started.

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