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Drug manufacturing means mixing certain chemicals to create a controlled substance such as heroin, methamphetamine, LSD and many others.

New York law has some of the harshest drug manufacturing penalties in the nation in order to combat drug use and eliminate drug manufacturing operations which can result in explosions and fires during the process.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, contact an experienced New York drug manufacturing lawyer to discuss your situation and determine which legal defenses are in your best interests. A skilled criminal defense attorney can advocate for you.

Controlled Substance Classifications and Penalties

In New York, it is illegal to possess, produce, or grow particular plants for the purpose of making an illegal controlled substance such as marijuana. It is also illegal to manufacture controlled substance drugs which require lab equipment and chemicals such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, crack, and LSD. In fact, New York has very specific laws regarding drug classifications and drug manufacturing penalties.

Drug Classifications

New York Public Health Law Sec. 3306 classifies controlled substances into five categories known as Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V. Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous and Schedule V drugs are considered the least dangerous. Each category includes numerous drug types including opiates, opium derivatives, hallucinogenic substances, depressants, stimulants, narcotics, compound mixture drugs, and more.

Drug Manufacturing Penalties

Anyone charged with manufacturing drugs may face prison time in either a federal or state system, be liable for fines and penalties, court costs, attorneys’ fees, and may have to participate in a drug rehabilitation program or register as a drug offender.

The bottom line is that the stakes are high when dealing with drug manufacturing charges. A New York drug manufacturing lawyer can protect a person’s interests by determining which legal defenses are most beneficial to their situation.

Conspiracy, Trafficking and Distribution

Drug manufacturing can also be tied to charges of conspiracy and trafficking / distribution depending on the operation.


Drug manufacturing can lead to conspiracy charges if two or more people are involved. This is significant as conspiracy charges can not only significantly increase the penalties involved, but also allow law enforcement officials to pit conspirators against each other. In practice, this can result in greater or lesser sentences for conspirators based on what one party says about the other.

Trafficking & Distribution

Drug trafficking and distribution penalties vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the offense including the type and amount of drug at issue, where the drug was distributed, and whether minors were targeted.

However, New York law classifies all convictions for the sale of a controlled substance as felonies. These range in level from fifth-degree (the least serious and punishable by up to two and a half years of prison for first-time offenders) to first-degree (the most serious) which is punishable by:

  • A minimum of eight to 20 years in prison for non-major drug traffickers, followed by a five year period of post-release supervision
  • At least 12 to 20 years in prison for second felony drug offenders
  • At least 15 years in prison with a maximum term of life imprisonment for major drug traffickers

Fines can range from a minimum of $5,000 (or twice the amount of the drug sale commission) to $100,000 for those convicted of either first-degree sale of a controlled substance or operating as a major drug trafficker.

Contacting a Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Having a drug conviction on your record can affect many aspects of your life including your job, your finances, and your relationships.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, contact a New York drug manufacturing lawyer to discuss your case, determine your legal defenses, and decide what course of action makes sense for you.

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