New York City Drug Manufacturing Cases

New York drug manufacturing cases can include drugs found in clubs such as ecstasy, synthetic marijuana, and things of that nature. Those types of drug cases are handled severely these days. Someone can have a small amount of a synthetic THC and can be facing many years in prison because it is a concentrated type of drug. It may be critical to contact a skilled drug manufacturing attorney about what penalties you may be facing based on the facts of your case.

Defining Manufacturing Roles

Growing drugs or packaging them are going to be part of a conspiracy. A person can be growing the drugs in a grow room somewhere in Brooklyn and another person could be packaging the drugs or selling them. It is all part of the same conspiracy and the person is held responsible for what everybody else does within that conspiracy.

All of the players in a conspiracy are held responsible. All the people who are a part of the distribution network, even if it is somebody that is just manufacturing the drugs and others are selling them on the street are held responsible. When everyone knows that they are a part of a conspiracy, they do not necessarily have to know what everybody else is doing to be held responsible for the actions of others.

Regulating Marijuana Usage

Even when synthetic THC is in a small amount, it could be treated as if the person is dealing with bales of marijuana. That type of drug is relatively newer and the laws are changing constantly about what is considered to be an illegal drug. Synthetic marijuana is the new area of prosecution within the federal system because it is much more concentrated.

Unless marijuana is in huge quantities, a person does not receive tremendously large penalties unless the distribution network spans a period of years. Even small amounts of synthetic marijuana or THC can result in someone facing the rest of their lives in prison. New York drug manufacturing cases often take the concentration level of the drug very seriously.

Federal vs. State Laws

With regard to marijuana, a person can be charged federally with a crime that is not illegal in New York. The laws are not identical in New York State and the federal system. People can be acquitted in the state and then charged federally. Often, the state and federal systems can be at odds and that gives an opportunity for the federal agents to convict someone they could not convict in the state.

War on Drugs

The war on drugs has been going on since the ’80s. There has not been much of a letup except in low-level marijuana cases. Anytime a person manufactures drugs and is not doing it for their own personal use. Law enforcement treats that seriously and pursues the maximum amount of charges and penalties.

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