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It is difficult, if not impossible to think of a circumstance in which it is acceptable to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any combination thereof. As a result, state legislators have seen fit to pass laws designed to substantially reduce such behavior on the roadways.

Though it is true that first-time offenses of this nature may be subject to a certain level of leniency, subsequent convictions produce rather more serious punishments.

If you are accused of impaired or intoxicated driving and need help with your defense, a New York City felony DWI lawyer is prepared to serve. Contact an adept defense attorney that can fight tirelessly to build your case.

Differences Between First and Subsequent Offenses

In New York City, a first-time driving while impaired (DWI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) offense will be classified as a misdemeanor. As such, convictions can yield no more than a year in jail along with relatively small fines.

Though no instance of driving while intoxicated should be taken lightly, the truth is that the ramifications of a second or subsequent conviction can be so significant that defendants must enlist the aid of a seasoned defense attorney in order to mitigate or avoid them altogether.

Repeat DWI Offenses

As provided by New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §1193, a second or subsequent DWI or DWAI-Drug offense occurring within ten years of the initial conviction will be considered a felony, and will have the potential to yield substantially harsher penalties.

These can include longer-term incarceration, heftier monetary fines, license revocation, probationary supervision, mandatory ignition interlock devices and more.

Because the stakes are so much higher when a defendant has a prior conviction in this realm, there is no substitute for an experienced DUI attorney in terms of ameliorating punishments or having charges dismissed.

Ancillary Implications of Felony DWI/DWAI Convictions

On top of the obviously devastating effects of a felony DWI conviction are the numerous other ways in which being found guilty of a second or subsequent impaired driving charge can harm not just a defendant, but their entire family.

The existence of a criminal record including offenses of this type can make retaining or securing new employment a virtual impossibility. The financial ripple effects that follow can prove devastating, as can the loss of professional licenses, community standing and other valuable tools for living a productive life.

Other Felonies Related to Impaired Driving in New York City

There are additional offenses linked to impaired driving which can result in a felony record upon conviction and a charge in this category also requires the assistance and insight of a seasoned defense attorney.

As provided by New York Penal Law §120.03, and New York Penal Law §120.04 vehicular assault in the second and first degrees, respectively, can give rise to felony charges when alcohol-related impairment is involved.

The same is true with regard to charges of vehicular manslaughter in the second and first degrees, as articulated by New York Penal Law §125.12 and New York Penal Law §125.13, respectively.

Defending Against Felony Impaired Driving Charges

Though the aftermath of a serious DWI/DWAI charge in New York City is typically fraught with uncertainty and sometimes even panic, it is important to note that sound defense strategies are often available to reduce the risk of life-altering consequences.

It may be possible to undermine the legality of the initial traffic stop, challenge the accuracy of sobriety testing and identify other key weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Of course, the sooner a New York City felony DWI attorney is brought into the mix, the greater the chances of success.

Working With a New York City Felony DWI Attorney

If you are among the unfortunate motorists who are facing a second or subsequent impaired driving charge, or you were involved in another driving incident that has given rise to a felony charge, now is the time to seek the guidance of an aggressive defense practitioner.

A New York City felony DWI lawyer is precisely the ally you need in what may be the most difficult time in your life.

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