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Any experienced criminal defense attorney knows that any person facing an open warrant for their arrest is placed in an untenable situation that must be addressed swiftly. Whether it is an arrest warrant issued after a grand jury indictment or a bench warrant issued as a result of a missed court appearance, what is presented is a difficult choice: face forcible arrest by law enforcement at your home or anywhere else you may be found within the state or voluntarily surrender to the appropriate state sheriff’s office.

If this dilemma is yours, you should contact a New York City surrender lawyer.  The arrest and booking process differs greatly in New York when law enforcement is aware the person they hold has previously retained counsel. Rather than pressuring you into inadvertently saying or doing something that could hinder a future defense at trial, state law enforcement must respect the retention of counsel on the case and may not speak to you outside the attorneys’ presence except when requesting pedigree information.

What Consequences Could Come from Not Surrendering Voluntarily?

Regardless of the circumstances, it is typically better to submit voluntarily to arrest following the issuance of a warrant rather than waiting to be arrested forcibly by law enforcement. First and foremost, a person who turns themselves involuntarily is much more likely to receive favorable bail terms, especially compared to someone who the court thinks tried to evade arrest.

Additionally, getting started on a legal defense strategy sooner rather than later is often essential, as waiting too long for an involuntary arrest based on a warrant could lead to key witnesses and evidence disappearing or fading from memory. If the reason for the warrant being issued in the first place was a misunderstanding, complying with it immediately could even result in no adverse consequences coming from it at all. An experienced New York City attorney could further explain the benefits of surrender.

Why Is It Important to Surrender Alone?

One of the biggest reasons why working with a lawyer in New York City can be critical when it comes to surrendering to the court in response to a warrant is that there is, in fact, a wrong way to go about doing it. If you appear in court by yourself or with legal counsel, the court will recognize that you came of your own accord, and there will be no problems. However, if you are accompanied by a police officer, your return could be considered involuntary, solely because it was a police officer who technically brought you inside the courthouse.

Unfortunately, police officers are all too aware of this technicality and often try to use it to boost their arrest numbers by telling individuals with warrants to meet with police rather than go directly to the courthouse. You should always speak with legal counsel before taking any action in this situation, and you should go directly to the court to surrender yourself if at all possible.

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If there is a warrant outstanding for your arrest, you should reach out to one of our New York City surrender lawyers to help you prepare the appropriate response. We could prepare you for the legal system and your case. Contact one of the attorneys at our firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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