New York Federal Embezzlement Sentencing

Federal embezzlement charges are treated very differently than New York state embezzlement charges. They can result in significantly greater sentencing penalties which can affect the rest of your life. There are statutory minimums and maximums for each charge when it comes to New York federal embezzlement sentencing. The court is then obliged to refer to the United States Sentencing Guidelines to determine where the applicable sentencing range lies.

If you are facing New York federal embezzlement charges, contact a New York federal embezzlement sentencing lawyer to review the charges against you. An experienced federal embezzlement attorney can help you determine what legal defenses might apply to your situation, and discuss what courses of action might be best for you to fight federal charges. En Español

When Does Embezzlement Become a Federal Case?

Federal embezzlement charges occur when someone embezzles anything of value which belongs to the US government, one of its agencies or departments, or through a contract between someone and the government. If the embezzlement involves property worth $1,000 or more, and was taken from the government, federal embezzlement charges apply.

New York federal embezzlement sentencing lawyers know that embezzlement-related sentencing guidelines can be harsh. Anyone found guilty of embezzling $1,000 or more could be fined $250,000, spend up to ten years in jail, or both. Anyone found guilty of embezzling $1,000 or less could be fined up to $100,000, spend up to one year in jail, or both.

In addition, federal judges have the discretion to impose a fine of up to twice the value of what the defendant gained (or what the victim lost – whichever is greater) as a result of the crime.

Common Federal Fraud Offenses

Federal embezzlement charges can apply to numerous situations. Some of the most common offenses a New York federal embezzlement sentencing lawyer sees include:

  • Public money, property, or records. This includes embezzling money, property, and records.
  • Tools and materials for counterfeiting purposes, including embezzling tools, notes, certificates, stamps, printing devices, or other items which are put into circulation by the federal government.
  • Accounting generally for public money such as embezzling public money by federal officers, employees, or agents.
  • Receiving unauthorized deposit of public money which applies to someone who receives and keeps public funds.
  • Custodians misusing public funds which applies to someone charged with the safekeeping of federal money.
  • Depositaries failing to safeguard deposits which can apply to any employee of the US treasury or other public federal depository.
  • Theft by a bank examiner or disbursing officer. This applies to a wide group of people who embezzle monies from banks connected or associated with the US government or by those responsible for disbursing public monies.

How can Federal Penalties Increase?

Federal embezzlement penalties can increase significantly for embezzlement by employees of any banking institution operating under the Federal Reserve Act, by a Federal Reserve employee, and certain employees of lending, credit, or insurance institutions. In these situations, penalties for embezzling more than $1,000 can result in fines of up to $1,000,000, serving prison time of up to 30 years, or both.

Help from a New York Federal Embezzlement Sentencing Attorney

Federal embezzlement charges can be significant and the federal court process is very different than embezzlement charges handled in state court. It is critical to retain the counsel of a New York Federal Embezzlement Sentencing Lawyer to fight for your rights.

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