Rockland County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

The laws in Rockland County concerning the manufacturing of illegal drugs can be difficult to understand. A person attempting to research these laws may be surprised to learn that there are no statutes that prohibit the making of drugs, except methamphetamine.

Still, it is illegal to make illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine, as well as to prepare these substances for distribution. This can result in you facing a variety of charges ranging from simple possession to sale, to the possession of drug paraphernalia.

A Rockland County drug manufacturing lawyer could help if you are facing these allegations. Throughout the legal process, a dedicated drug attorney can help you fight the charges you are facing.

Laws That Prohibit the Manufacturing of Drugs

Unlike many other States, New York Penal Law does not include any statutes concerning the manufacturing of most illegal substances. The lone exception to this rule is the laws prohibiting the manufacture of methamphetamine.

According to New York Penal Law §220.73, it is illegal for any person to possess the items needed to make methamphetamine. This can include chemical precursors, reagents, and laboratory equipment. A Rockland County drug manufacturing lawyer could help anyone facing accusations of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Drug Offenses Someone in Rockland County May Face

Just because police and prosecutors cannot charge a person with manufacturing most controlled substances does not mean that they will not press charges. Prosecutors have a variety of other offenses under the law that they can use.

For example, laws that prohibit simple possession of most controlled substances. Under New York Penal Law §220.03, it is illegal for any person to possess a controlled substance without a prescription. While this statute is a misdemeanor, the presence of more dangerous substances under a person’s control, or even mass quantities of less serious drugs can bring felony-level charges.

Police may also charge some defendants with selling those drugs. According to New York Penal Law §220.31, it is illegal for any person to sell a controlled substance without legal permission. Selling in this context means any distribution to another person, whether for profit or not. These two sets of statutes allow prosecutors to charge individuals with very serious felonies, even if the statues do not strictly prohibit the manufacture of most substances. A Rockland County drug manufacturing lawyer could help those facing any sort of drug charge that may be related to the manufacture of controlled substances.

A Rockland County Drug Manufacturing Attorney Can Be an Advocate

The drug laws in Rockland County are complex, especially because they do not specifically outlaw the manufacture of most drugs. However, prosecutors and police can always charge you with simply possessing these illegal drugs. More serious cases can involve allegations of selling or distributing illegal substances. Finally, possessing the items needed to make illegal drugs is also illegal under certain circumstances.

Whatever the charges you face, a Rockland County drug manufacturing lawyer could help you. The consequences for a conviction can be life-changing; so it is important to not take any unnecessary risks. Contact lawyer today.

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