Rockland County Student Online Piracy Defense Lawyer

Online piracy can take many forms. In many situations, college students are accused of sharing illegally downloaded movies, music, or television shows. These accusations may result in criminal charges as well as heavy fines or imprisonment.

A Rockland County student online piracy defense lawyer has experience defending students accused of online piracy and could sit down with you and review your specific situation. A detail-oriented attorney then could help build a solid defense based on the specific facts of the case for students at colleges such as SUNY Purchase, St. Thomas Aquinas College, and Pace University.

Online Piracy Laws in Rockland County

Although online piracy may take many forms, it generally involves the unauthorized copying or distribution of computer programs and files, including the following:

  • Computer software, such as word processing or productivity programs
  • Music files
  • Video or computer games
  • Other types of media, such as movies or television shows

In many online piracy cases, the allegedly pirated content is copyrighted. Although this may implicate federal law, New York state has its own laws for prosecuting online piracy.

New York Penal Law §156.30 criminalizes the unlawful duplication of computer related material. Under this statute, an individual may not copy or duplicate any computer data or program without authorization. The person’s actions must also intentionally deprive the owner of the data or program of an economic benefit equal to $2,500 or more.

New York also criminalizes the possession of illegally copied computer material. Under New York Penal Law §156.35, an individual may not knowingly possess any illegal copy or duplicate of computer data or a computer program. The individual must also intend to benefit themselves or any other person other than the legitimate owner of the data or program.

Both of these allegations are class E felonies that can result in lengthy prison sentences. Any student that needs information on how to defend themselves against these charges should contact a Rockland County student online piracy defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Defenses for Student’s Facing These Allegations

One potential defense to online piracy charges is the student’s reasonable belief that they had the authorization to possess the computer program in question or the authorization to copy that program. For example, under New York Penal Law §156.50, if someone is able to show they had reasonable grounds to believe that they could legally copy or reproduce the computer data or program at issue, they will not be guilty of unlawful duplication.

In other cases, there may be a constitutional issue with the charges or investigation. A Rockland County student online piracy defense lawyer could provide additional possible defenses that could fit their specific case.

Speak with a Rockland County Student Online Piracy Defense Attorney

Many online piracy cases are both legally and technologically complex. Such cases often involve a mix of both federal and state law. They may also involve multiple defendants and witnesses, many of them fellow students.

If you have been accused of online piracy, you need an attorney who is familiar with handling these different types of situations. Contact a Rockland County student online piracy defense lawyers for a consultation. They could review your case and advise you on how best to proceed. Call now to get started.

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