Westchester County Student Cybercrimes Lawyer

Although being charged with a computer crime or other cybercrime is never a desirable situation, such charges can be especially problematic for students, especially those who have no experience dealing with the criminal justice system. Trying to defend themselves in court while balancing studies and other school activities often lead to unsatisfactory results in all three areas of a defendant’s life.

The good news is that a Westchester County student cybercrimes lawyer is available to help you defend yourself in such circumstances. A criminal defense attorney familiar with different cybercrimes and New York law regarding these crimes could help you identify your legal options and defend your rights both in and out of court.

How New York Penal Law Treats Cybercrimes

Although cybercrimes come in many different forms, almost every cybercrime involves alleged improper access or manipulation of a computer or computer network. Under New York Penal Law §156.00, cybercrimes may involve any of the following:

  • A computer
  • Computer programs installed on a computer
  • Any data or material on the computer
  • Any computer service or network, including the Internet

For example, allegations against a defendant may include the assertion that they improperly accessed a computer or computer network. Alternatively, they may center around an individual allegedly retrieving or downloading data or information on a computer they did not have permission to access. Students facing such accusations may be in dire need of help from a Westchester County student cybercrimes attorney to appropriately address and contest those charges.

Unauthorized Use of a Computer

The unauthorized use of a computer is a misdemeanor under New York Penal Law. According to NYPL §156.05, an individual may not knowingly use or access a computer or computer network without authorization.

Students are often accused of unauthorized computer use in the form of unauthorized access to closed on-campus networks or faculty computers. However, some students may be able to defend themselves by claiming that they reasonably believed they had the authorization to use the computer or network in question. Under NYPL §150.50, such a defense would nullify any unauthorized use charge if held up in court.

Computer Trespass

NYPL §156.10 defines computer trespass as the knowing use or access of a computer, computer service, or computer network without authorization with the intent to commit a felony and/or knowingly gain access to computer material.

Computer trespass is a Class E felony, which means conviction could result in possible jail time of between three to four years, according to NYPL §70.00.

As a result, any student accused of improperly accessing a computer and gaining information on that computer may face serious consequences. Fortunately, student cybercrimes lawyer in Westchester County may be able to assist students in defending their rights.

Speak with a Westchester County Student Cybercrimes Attorney

Cybercrimes cases can be complicated, often involving technical evidence and multiple parties. As a result, defending yourself against a cybercrimes charge while at school can be difficult even in the best of situations.

To increase your chance of a successful outcome, it may be wise to hire a lawyer with cybercrimes case experience who knows how to construct effective defenses for students facing such charges. If you are a student facing cybercrimes charges, call a Westchester County student cybercrimes lawyer today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your legal options.

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