Westchester County Student Online Piracy Defense Lawyer

If you are a student facing online piracy charges, you should be aware of the potentially severe criminal consequences those charges may produce. Fortunately, hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney could help reduce your odds of experiencing an unfavorable outcome to your case. An experienced Westchester County student online piracy defense lawyer could work with you to be sure they understand your case and how to defend it. Then, they could help you build and execute upon a strong defense strategy and defend your rights in court.

Online Piracy Laws in Westchester County

The term “online piracy” generally refers to the unauthorized copying or reproduction of copyrighted material, including motion pictures, television shows, music, and other types of media. Additionally, piracy as a criminal charge may incorporate downloading or uploading media to file-sharing sites. Although federal law governs penalties related to copyright infringement, the State of New York has its own set of laws that cover online piracy cases.

Unlawful Duplication

Those accused of online piracy in Westchester County may be charged with unlawful duplication of computer material. Under New York Penal Law §156.30, an individual may not copy any computer data or program in order to intentionally deprive the owner of an economic benefit greater than $250,000. Unlawful duplication may arise in cases where students are accused of illegally copying and sharing software or other programs rather than purchasing them.

Unlawful duplication is a class E felony that is punishable by a prison term of up to four years. Given the potential severity of this sentence, any student charged with this crime should call a Westchester County online piracy defense attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal Possession

NYPL §156.35 also criminalizes the possession of computer-related material. Under this section, a person may not knowingly possess any copy or reproduction of computer data or a computer program that was illegally copied.

Essentially, criminal possession may apply to individuals—including students—who know that they possess illegally copied computer material. As with unlawful duplication, criminal possession is a class E felony.

Defenses to Online Piracy Charges

Students—and any online piracy defense lawyer in Westchester County they choose to retain—may be able to use various statutory defenses to protect their rights in online piracy cases. For example, in cases that involve unlawful duplication, students may be able to assert that they did not deprive the owner of a computer program or data of over $250,000 in benefits.

Similarly, in cases involving criminal possession charges, students may be able to claim that they did not know the software or data in their possession was illegally copied. They may also be able to claim that they did not intend to benefit themselves or anyone else from their actions.

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Online piracy cases have potentially severe penalties and can also involve sophisticated technology that can be hard to understand. To properly defend yourself, you may need a Westchester County student online piracy defense lawyer who understands piracy cases and knows how to effectively defend them before a jury. If you need help with an online piracy case, call today to schedule an initial consultation and get started on your case.

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