Working with a New York City Drug Distribution Lawyer

Working with a New York drug distribution lawyer often means challenging any issues with the government’s investigation of a potential client. Attorneys often address the constitutional rights issues within the case, in order to protect an individual’s privacy at home, in their vehicle, or even their bodies. Many people feel that what they do in the privacy of their home that has no impact on the public is not the government’s business. Individuals should seek out an experienced drug distribution attorney that they are comfortable working with, in order to protect their future.

Common Constitutional Issues

One of the most significant and common constitutional issues that occur in drug distribution cases are Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues. These relate to an individual’s right to privacy. Narcotics cases are often dismissed because the fruit of an illegal search is deemed invalid. When the prosecution can no longer use their main evidence in the case such as the drugs, the case usually disappears. When someone begins working with a New York drug distribution lawyer, they increase the potential to devaluing the manner government has obtained evidence.

Role of a Search Warrant

Search warrants can be obtained based on information that officers know to be false. However, when working with a New York drug distribution lawyer, those searches may be deemed invalid. Homes and cars are searched without probable cause, without a warrant or consent. Officers act on hunches or on their gut feeling as opposed to an articulated, legal reason to initiate a police confrontation. They need to have more than just a hunch.

Role of a Potential Client

When someone selects a lawyer to represent them, the first thing the person should do is not believe everything they read on the Internet. Defense lawyers put anything and everything on the Internet in the hopes of convincing someone to hire them.

An individual looking for a criminal lawyer in drug distribution cases needs to confirm that the person they are looking to hire has experience handling similar cases. When working with a New York drug distribution lawyer, knowing their track record and whether they are generally successful are important.

Hiring an Attorney

Whether hiring or working with a New York drug distribution lawyer, it is important for potential clients to determine their desired outcome for their case and collect as much evidence as they can. An attorney who has experience and success in many areas within the criminal defense spectrum has more creativity and experience in terms of fighting cases.

Experience and a successful track record are probably the two most important things to look for when working with a New York drug distribution lawyer. It is usually important that a person feels comfortable with their lawyer. Not everybody completely connects with their lawyer but it is important to work with legal representation that an individual feels may properly represent them. The person must believe the lawyer is working hard on their case and does not have too much other work.

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