New York City Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery charges in New York City should always be taken seriously as convictions can result in significant fines, prison time, and probation – not to mention having a criminal background which can affect your life for years to come.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, contact a New York City armed robbery lawyer who can help you review the charges you face. A skilled robbery attorney can help you determine what legal defenses may be available to you, and discuss what course of action makes the most sense in your situation.

Defining an Armed Robbery Charge

Contrary to what many people believe, New York City armed robbery is simply a first-degree robbery offense. Someone is considered guilty of armed robbery if they forcibly steals property and, in the course of the commission of the crime or of immediate flight, they or another participant in the crime:

  • Causes serious physical injury to an alleged victim
  • Is armed with a deadly weapon
  • Uses or threatens the use of a dangerous instrument
  • Displays a firearm

First-degree robbery is considered a Class B felony in New York, which can result in ten to 25 years in prison, probation, and significant fines which can often include double the financial gain from the robbery. Individuals should contact a New York City armed robbery lawyer to try combatting these penalties.

Determining the Length of a Prison Sentence

The actual length of someone’s prison sentence will largely depend on their prior criminal record. Based on their criminal record over the past ten years, they may be labeled as someone who has no prior convictions, is a non-violent predicate offender, and is a violent predicate offender.

If someone has no prior convictions they must generally serve at least five years in prison. Non-violent predicate offenders generally serve at least eight years in prison. Violent predicate offenders must generally serve at least ten years in prison.

Anyone labeled as a persistent felony offender, meaning they have at least two prior convictions, will generally receive a minimum prison sentence of between 20 and 25 years.

What is Post-Release Supervision?

If convicted of armed robbery, the sentence will also include a term of post-release supervision of up to five years, during which time the person must do, and not do, certain things. They must not break the law, associate with others with criminal records, frequent unlawful or disreputable places, possess or a use a controlled substance or alcohol, or leave the state of New York without permission.

A New York City armed robbery lawyer knows that the individual must submit to drug testing, consent to warrantless searches, submit to home visits by their parole officer, and report regularly to their parole officer. They must also let their Parole Officer know if they move or get a new job, stick to a curfew, and have a job or attend school. Failure to adhere to any rules that are associated with a post-release supervision program often result in being sent back to prison.

Speak with a New York City Armed Robbery Attorney

The bottom line is that armed robbery is a serious offense which can significantly affect someone’s life. Having a conviction for a New York City violent felony can make it very difficult to obtain employment, rent an apartment, or secure a loan when an employer, landlord, or bank requires a criminal background check.

It can also be a ban from owning a gun, serving in the military, serving on juries, receiving welfare, being eligible for federally funded housing programs, affect child custody, and possibly result in deportation for anyone who is not a US citizen. For more information on this charge, contact a New York City armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible.

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