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Whenever an individual or business is being accused of tax fraud or tax evasion, it is an extremely serious matter. The amount of time, resources, money, and pure stress involved in such matters is daunting and burdensome.

A New York City tax fraud lawyer will have developed a strong record of defending clients in both federal and state investigations and prosecutions.

If you become the subject of a criminal investigation, contact an adept New York City tax fraud attorney, who will have experience working closely with the country’s prominent forensic accounting professionals, and is prepared to assist you, and diligently provide for your defense.


Conspiracy is one of the more common offenses in tax prosecutions. Under the federal conspiracy law, it is a crime where two or more people conspire to commit an offense (defraud) the United States, and anyone of them acts to further the objective of the conspiracy.

The government can and will use statements of co-conspirators against one another. In such a case, all members of the conspiracy are responsible for the conduct of each of the others.

False Statements and Documents

Under federal law, each of the following are crimes: any falsification of a material fact, the making of false statements, and knowingly or willfully making of a false writing that is known to contain fraudulent statements.

The government can charge someone for making a false statement, even where the acts are not considered criminal pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

Title 26 Tax Evasion Offenses

The Internal Revenue Code states that persons who willfully seek to evade taxes shall be guilty of a felony. The punishment for such an offense includes fines (up to $100,000 for persons and $500,000 for corporations), imprisonment (not more than 5 years), or both, plus the costs of prosecution.

For tax evasion cases, the statute of limitations begins from the date of the offense and runs for six years.

The prosecutor has to show that the defendant owes additional taxes, that they sought to evade taxes, and that they acted willfully. A skilled New York tax fraud lawyer can attack any or all of these elements.

Failure to File Tax Return

The Internal Revenue Code makes it a crime to willfully fail to do any of the following:

  • Pay any tax owed
  • Make a return
  • Keep any records
  • Supply any information

The statute of limitations is six years. The period starts to run from the due date required by statute, and extensions do apply.

Aiding in the Preparation of Fraudulent Documents

Under federal law, it is a crime to counsel, aid, advise, or assist persons in preparing a false tax return. It is the government’s burden to show that the taxpayer was involved with any document, when the document is false or fraudulent. Also, the taxpayer must have acted willfully.

New York State Tax Fraud and Evasion

The tax laws within the state of New York are comparable to the tax laws in place at the federal level. In New York, fraudulent conduct gives rise to various misdemeanors and felonies.

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If you are under investigation for tax fraud, you need to contact an experienced New York City tax fraud lawyer immediately. A conviction would entail painful consequences, which are far too serious to risk by selecting an attorney with insufficient experience in this area of the law.

A New York City tax fraud lawyer will be prepared to assertively and zealously represent you in your tax fraud-related matters. Call an attorney today.

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