Rockland County Sexual Battery Lawyer

Sexual battery allegations involve any type of unwelcome sexual contact between two people that is not consensual. This can range in severity from an unwelcome hug or kiss to forced sexual intercourse. Regardless of the severity of the allegations, anyone facing them needs to take these charges seriously.

A Rockland County sexual battery lawyer could work with you to make sure you understand the law, to identify realistic goals, and to work towards achieving those goals in court. A skilled sex crimes attorney can stand by your side throughout the legal process to make sure your rights are fully protected.

Laws Concerning Sexual Battery in Rockland County

There is no section in New York’s Penal Laws that specifically mentions sexual battery. Instead, prosecutors may utilize a variety of statutes that outlaw the various conduct that involves improper sexual contact. For example, it is illegal to touch another person in any sexual way without their consent. However, the seriousness of the charge depends upon the exact nature of the contact.

A simple version of a sexual battery charge is forcible touching under New York Penal Law §130.52. This applies whenever a defendant is accused of touching another person for sexual gratification without their consent which can include any sort of pinching, squeezing, or grabbing. As it can result in up to one year in jail and fines, it considered a class A misdemeanor. A Rockland County sexual battery lawyer could mitigate the penalties that a person may face.

Complicating Factors in These Cases

While forcible touching as described above is a serious charge, many other allegations of instances involving sexual misconduct are much harsher. One major factor that can lead to harsher charges is the extent of the sexual contact. Anytime the contact involves touching of the genitals or some sort of penetration, the charges become much more serious.

Allegations involving a criminal sexual act or rape are felonies. This means that a conviction is likely to result in a prison sentence for a conviction and the need to register as a sex offender. According to New York Penal Law §130.40, a criminal sexual act is any oral or anal penetration of another person when they are unable to consent.

Rape is a similar charge except that the penetration involves sexual intercourse. The penalties for a criminal sexual act and rape are identical. There are three levels of these charges depending upon the identity of the alleged victim, their age, and any force allegedly used. A conviction can range in severity from a class E felony to a class B felony. In any event, a Rockland County sexual battery attorney could help those accused understand their charges, dispute any evidence gathered by the police, and develop a defense strategy designed to create reasonable doubt in the minds of juries.

Speaking with a Rockland County Sexual Battery Attorney

Allegations involving any sort of sexual battery in Rockland County are serious matters. Whether these allegations involve a simple unwelcome touch, unwelcome sexual contact, or forcible sexual intercourse, a conviction will forever change your life.

A Rockland County sexual battery lawyer could provide a powerful service to protect your freedom and reputation. They can thoroughly examine the allegations against you to find holes in the prosecution’s case and use them to build a defense. Start building your defense by calling a lawyer for a free consultation.

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