Rockland County Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Although sexual misconduct has been and continues to be, a problem in society, it is not unheard of for someone to be unfairly charged with sexual assault, harassment, and other similar crimes.

If you are facing charges related to sexual misbehavior, a Rockland County sexual misconduct lawyer could represent you and work to protect your rights. In the process, your accomplished criminal defense attorney could also plan a defense strategy for you that takes into account your side of the story and is designed to help you pursue a positive outcome.

Types of Sexual Misconduct and Other Sex Offenses

In New York Penal Law, there are a variety of sections that criminalize different types of sex offenses. Generally, according to New York Penal Law §130.05, every sexual encounter involving non-consensual activity could be a sex offense. Lack of consent may result from forcible compulsion, temporary incapacity to consent, mental disability, or one involved party being under the age of 17.

Sex offense charges usually address some kind of sexual contact, but they do not necessarily need to involve sexual intercourse. For example, NYPL §130.52 specifically prohibits the intentional and forcible touching of another person’s intimate parts without permission. Regardless of the exact type of sex offense, a Rockland County sexual misconduct lawyer could assist individuals in defending their rights.

How New York Penal Law Defines Sexual Misconduct

Under NYPL §130.20, a person commits sexual misconduct if they engage in sexual intercourse with someone else without that person’s consent. This section also covers anal or oral sexual conduct, as well as sexual conduct with a deceased animal or person.

In addition to sexual misconduct, a defendant may be charged with other sex offenses stemming from the same alleged conduct—for example, rape resulting from allegedly unconsented sexual intercourse. For example, NYPL §130.25 defines third-degree rape generally as unconsented sexual intercourse.

Rape as a Sexual Misconduct Offense

Third-degree rape is a class E felony, which means that those convicted face up to four years in prison. In addition, according to NYPL §80.00, they may also face a fine of up to $5,000.

More serious degrees of rape usually involve sexual intercourse with a physically helpless person or by use of forcible compulsion. Such cases may result in longer prison terms, up to 25 years or more. As a result, any person facing a rape or other sexual assault charge in addition to sexual misconduct charges may benefit from contacting a sexual misconduct lawyer in Rockland County as soon as possible.

Talking to a Rockland County Sexual Misconduct Attorney

Although sexual misconduct charges can be tricky to deal with in a variety of contexts, receiving a fair hearing is an important right enshrined in the Constitution and worth fighting to uphold. For help defending your rights, contact a Rockland County sexual misconduct lawyer today. Attorneys who are familiar with different kinds of misconduct cases could investigate the circumstances of your alleged criminal act, work to produce and present relevant evidence, and tailor a defense that effectively serves your best interests.

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