Rockland County Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

New York courts treat credit card fraud as a serious financial crime. Defendants in credit card fraud cases should be sure they have a seasoned lawyer who could defend their case in a competent and effective manner.

If you need help with a credit card fraud case, do not hesitate to contact a Rockland County credit card fraud lawyer. A dedicated attorney could review the details of the charges against you and present you with your legal options to defend yourself.

To litigate your case, both in court and out of court, an aggressive fraud attorney could work with you to draft a detail-oriented plan that fully considers the contingencies.

Definition of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud generally involves the illegal use of a credit card to obtain some benefit such as retail purchases, cash advances, or loans. There are different ways an individual could illegally obtain a credit card, including:

Regardless of the situation, any individual accused of such a crime should contact a Rockland County credit card fraud attorney for a consultation and review of their case.

Fraudulent Use of Credit Cards in Rockland County

Credit card fraud in New York may be prosecuted under New York Penal Law §165.15. That statute makes it a crime to obtain any service using a stolen credit card. The law also covers those who attempt to obtain a service by using a stolen credit card but fail to actually do so. Using a stolen credit card to illegally obtain services is a Class A misdemeanor. Punishment for such misdemeanors does not exceed one year in jail, according to New York Penal Law §70.15.

Using a Revoked or Canceled Credit Card

Additionally, New York law criminalizes the use of a revoked or canceled credit card in certain situations. Under New York Penal Law §165.17, an individual may not use a card they know to be revoked or canceled to purchase a product or a service. This statute generally applies to those who have been accused of using an expired card to pay for goods and services. Punishment for the use of a canceled credit card is also a Class A misdemeanor.

Fraudulently Obtaining Another’s Signature

A person prosecuted for credit card fraud may also be prosecuted for the related crime of fraudulently obtaining a signature. Under New York Penal Law §165.20, it is illegal for an individual to obtain another’s signature for the purpose of defrauding that individual. Since signatures may be necessary to validate credit card purchases, some credit card fraud cases may include charges for fraudulently obtaining another’s signature. For additional information regarding credit card fraud laws, anyone either under investigation or facing charges should contact a Rockland County credit card fraud lawyer as soon as possible.

Defenses Against Credit Card Fraud Charges

In many credit card fraud cases, most or all the charges rest on the accused knowingly using a stolen credit card or intending to use that card for illegal purposes. As a result, one common defense for accused individuals is to assert that they legitimately did not know the credit card was stolen, improperly obtained, or expired. They may also be able to claim that they did not intend to use the card to defraud another. For example, they may have legitimately believed the card to be their own.

For a further review of possible defenses to credit card fraud, defendants may wish to call a credit card fraud attorney in Rockland County immediately. They could help identify any potential defenses that could apply to a case.

Reach Out to a Rockland County Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Credit card fraud cases are often complex since they involve numerous financial transactions. Individuals accused of credit card fraud may benefit from assistance sorting out the details of their case and deciding how to proceed.

A Rockland County credit card fraud lawyer know how important your rights are. They could investigate your case to be sure they present the best possible defense. If you have been charged with credit card fraud, call an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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