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Robberies are some of the most common felony-level cases seen in New York’s criminal courts. Given how frequently this charge is levied, it is important how New York Penal Law treats robbery, including how a charge can change depending on the use of a weapon or the involvement of two or more alleged perpetrators.

A Rockland County robbery lawyer could help you better understand your charges, develop a strategy tailored to your specific circumstances, and put that strategy into effect in court. In the process, your dedicated theft attorney could help you pursue your individual goals and fight back against the charges at every opportunity.

Understanding Robbery Charges

The concept of robbery is an easy one to understand. In short, it is illegal for a person to take property from another through the use of force. To that end, New York Penal Law §160.00 states that a robbery is a theft that involves the use of force or the threat of force.

However, many people do not realize that New York’s Penal Law carries three different levels of robbery. Each of degree of robbery carries their own definitions and potential penalties for a conviction, all of which a Rockland County attorney could explain in greater detail.

Robbery in the third degree is the most basic version of this crime. It is treated as a Class D felony, and simply involves a forcible taking of property without any of the aggravating factors present in the other versions

Robbery in the second degree is a Class C felony, which involves someone taking property through physical force while aided by another person, causing physical injury to any other person while taking their property, displaying a firearm while taking someone else’s property, or stealing a motor vehicle under any circumstances.

Robbery in the first degree is the most serious version of this offense established by New York Penal Law. First-degree robberies are Class B felonies that involve anyone whose act of theft results in serious injury to another person or the use of a firearm or any other deadly weapon.

What Constitutes the Use of Force?

The use of force can take many forms. Often, the crime of robbery involves a physical taking from another person. This could include snatching a purse off someone’s shoulders or pulling a valuable item from their hand.

The use of force can also involve threats of violence or even making gestures that suggest a person will use force if the victim does not comply. Any reasonable inference that the accused was threatening the use of force could apply. For example, the use of force could involve a person saying, “hand over your wall and nothing will happen to you.” While there is no explicit threat of violence, the implication is clear.

Potential Jail Time for Rockland County Robberies

A felony is any crime for which a convicted defendant may be sent to prison for a term in excess of one year. In addition, for any violent Class B felony, there is a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison. The maximums in these cases can rise to as many as 25 years. For this reason, it is often vital that citizens facing any type of robbery charge take the accusations seriously and take precautions to prevent a conviction, such as by enlisting an experienced lawyer in Rockland County to help with their case.

How Can a Defense Attorney Help in a Robbery Case?

In many cases, an experienced Rockland County attorney represents the best chance to avoid a conviction in their robbery case. An attorney could get to work right away fighting for reasonable bail.

As the case unfolds, a lawyer also could provide invaluable guidance on what to expect when appearing in court, testifying at trial, or negotiating for a plea offer. Even though the decision is entirely in the hands of the prosecutor, an attorney could negotiate for a better plea bargain or push for dismissal of all charges. Likewise, a dismissal of one charge could also come as part of a larger plea bargain on other charges. If trial is the best option, they could fight for an acquittal.

Speak with a Rockland Country Robbery Attorney

If you are charged with any form of robbery, you may have questions regarding why you were charged and how to proceed. You may also not understand why your robbery charge was upgraded to a second or first-degree offense. A Rockland County robbery lawyer could help clear up this confusion and form a coherent and thorough defense. Every case is unique, and every person enters the court with different goals. Regardless of your aims, a qualified attorney could work with you to ensure your rights are protected in court. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman today to schedule a consultation.

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