Bronx Student Cyberbullying Defense Lawyer

With the modern advent of the internet as a way to communicate and share opinions, even at home students can be subjected to bullying. While bullying is not illegal on its own, New York has outlawed a number of activities that may constitute bullying. In addition, if the defendant in a cyberbullying case is a college or university student, their school may also act to institute a punishment for their behavior. This can result in a student losing privileges, being suspended, or even being expelled.

A Bronx student cyberbullying defense lawyer may be able to help prevent this from happening. A dedicated attorney works to defend the rights of students in criminal courts and to protect their ability to continue working towards earning their degree.

What Happens to Students in the Bronx Charged with Crimes?

Students at colleges and universities have the same obligation to follow the laws as all other people. Although campuses certainly have their own rules that govern conduct and may even employ their own police forces, they are required to report any alleged criminal activity to law enforcement.

However, this does not mean that the school cannot act on their own after a suspected violation of the law. All colleges and universities employ their own disciplinary boards that have the power to investigate and punish violations of the school’s code of conduct. Every school handles these investigations differently, but a Bronx student cyberbullying defense lawyer could help prepare students to deal with the investigation, coach them about how to testify at hearings, and appear in person to plead their case when applicable.

Cyberbullying and the Law

There is no statute in New York’s Penal Law that specifically punishes allegations of cyberbullying. Instead, prosecutors and police must be creative in examining the alleged behavior of the accused to fit it into existing criminal statutes.

One common statute used to punish alleged cyberbullies is the harassment statute. According to New York Penal Law §240.26, harassment in the second degree occurs when someone engages in a course of conduct that alarms or seriously annoys another person when this conduct has no legitimate purpose.

Constantly contacting another person online, making posts on social media, or generally being a nuisance qualifies under this statute. While a conviction is a violation that will likely result in the payment of a fine or probation, this is still a matter to take seriously.

Harsher allegations of stalking may also follow from cyberbullying. A person commits stalking in the fourth degree if they cause harm to the mental health of another through persistent communications after being asked to stop.

Under New York Penal Law §120.45, stalking is a class B misdemeanor that can result in up to 30 days in jail and the creation of a criminal record. It is essential that any student facing any type of criminal charge related to their online activities contact a Bronx student cyberbullying defense attorney immediately to protect their future.

Talk to a Bronx Student Cyberbullying Defense Attorney

Either of these results can have a serious effect on your life. A Bronx student cyberbullying defense lawyer could help you tell your side of the story. If you are ready to protect your future, call today for a consultation.

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