What to Do After a New York City Assault Arrest

There are certain steps you can take following an assault arrest that can give you a better chance of a favorable outcome. One of the most important things to do after a New York City assault arrest is to call a lawyer. The sooner a lawyer can get to work defending you, the better the outcome may be.

A skilled assault attorney can make sure your rights are protected throughout the legal process. They can do this from the beginning by guiding you through conversations with prosecutors and police officers to make sure you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.

Avoid Speaking to Police without an Attorney

When someone is charged with assault in New York City they should not make any statements without an attorney present. Many times, detectives, police officers, or patrol officers have to interview the individual, who may believe that, since they have nothing to hide from the police, they agree to answer questions. In doing so, without knowing it, they may provide evidence against themselves. Even answers that they think are innocuous can help the prosecution by providing either corroboration for certain facts or by putting them in a certain location.

For example, if the cops ask the person what happened and they say that they got into an argument, but no physical contact occurred, they corroborated the fact that they were present and that there was an argument. The best course of action is to not speak to law enforcement and to demand a lawyer immediately.

Contact an Assault Lawyer

It is also important to contact a lawyer who has experience with assault cases. An attorney knows what it is important to do in the early stages of the case. Therefore, the prosecutor is going to view them as more effective, which could help increase the chances of a quick and positive case resolution.

It is also important to give the attorney a full and honest account of the facts. When someone fails to tell their attorney what really happened, their attorney’s ability to obtain certain information or to speak to certain witnesses becomes impaired. The earlier an attorney can start gathering evidence, the better the outcome of the case may be.

Any information a person gives their attorney is going to be used to help mount the most vigorous defense possible. The worst thing that could happen in a case is for a defense attorney to be shocked by a revelation from a prosecutor of a fact that the prosecutor knows and their client knows, but they do not know.

Speak to an Attorney About What to Do After a New York City Assault Arrest

The most important action to take after a New York City assault arrest is calling an experienced attorney. They can help guide you through the legal process and avoid taking any action that could harm your case. Before you have an attorney present you should avoid speaking with police officers or detectives as you could accidentally give them evidence to use against you. To learn more, call today for a consultation.

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