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On the spectrum of drug-related offenses, few are more serious in nature than volume trafficking. For those accused of engaging in possession, moving or distributing of significant quantities of illegal substances, the stakes could not be much higher.

Trafficking in drugs is a federal as well as a New York state offense, and when it comes to defeating these types of charges or at least ameliorating the impact at sentencing, the help of a New York volume dealer lawyer is essential. Speak to a skilled drug attorney that can build your case.

Federal and State Volume Dealer Charges

It is important to note that trafficking in high volumes of illegal drugs constitutes a criminal offense at both the state and federal levels, and as such must be taken very seriously.

In order for charges of this nature to issue, a defendant must be engaged in the trafficking of drugs with a value exceeding $75,000, whether the substance at issue is heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, LSD, methamphetamine or any other drug.

Kingpin Charges

Pursuant to New York Penal Code §220.77, a so-called Kingpin Charge may issue if an individual is suspected of:

  • Acting as the director of a controlled substance enterprise during a period of no more than twelve months, during which time frame that organization sells one or more prohibited substances and the proceeds collected or due from that activity have a combined aggregate value of at least $75,000
  • In the role of profiteer, such an individual knowingly and illegally sells on at least one occasion within a span of six months, a narcotic which yields proceeds of a total value that exceeds $75,000
  • As a profiteer, an individual knowingly and illegally possesses, one or more times within a span of six months, a narcotic combined with the intention to sell that substance, and the drugs have a combined aggregate value in excess of $75,000

Sentences Upon Conviction of High Volume Drug Dealing

Those accused of volume drug dealing offenses must make no mistake. The sentences faced upon conviction of such crimes are extremely severe, even for first-timers. Federal sentences can vary significantly but will take a series of factors into consideration, including:

  • The type and amount of drugs at issue
  • Prior drug offense convictions
  • General criminal history of the defendant
  • Whether a conspiracy was involved
  • Money laundering in conjunction with volume dealing
  • Involvement of firearms
  • Death or serious injury resulting from the offense
  • Whether any crossing of state or national borders occurred

Sentences for Major Traffickers in New York

Designated as a Class A-1 felony in New York, operating as a major, high-volume drug dealer can bring truly life-altering consequences upon conviction. A minimum prison sentence for this offense can range from 15-40 years, though it is also possible for those found guilty to face life imprisonment, along with six-figure fines.

Those who do not have to spend the rest of their lives incarcerated will still face tremendous obstacles in terms of leading a productive life due to the felony record that will follow them forever.

Possible Avenues of Defense

Given the monumental price to be paid if a conviction is secured, it is vital that those accused explore all possible defense tactics promptly and thoroughly with the help of a skilled legal practitioner. For instance, it may be possible to demonstrate that the drugs alleged to have been involved in the crime did not have a value in excess of the $75,000 threshold.

A seasoned New York volume dealer attorney will also investigate whether searches and seizures involved in the case meet constitutional scrutiny, and if they do not, can fight to have resulting evidence excluded.

Consulting a New York City Volume Dealer Lawyer

There can be no doubt about the extraordinary gravity of a high volume drug trafficking charge. The consequences of conviction are truly devastating, and the insights, guidance, and commitment of a New York volume dealer lawyer can make all the difference in preserving your future prospects as well as your freedom.

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