New York City Gun Investigations

Law enforcement works hard to curb gun violence, which is why they take New York City gun investigations very seriously. If you are under investigation for a firearm offense, reach out to an experienced gun attorney immediately. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer could offer you guidance and fight for your rights.

Search Warrants

Most New York gun investigations are conducted by law enforcement by using a search warrant. When the police department or prosecutor’s office gets word that an individual has a gun in their car, home, locker, storage unit, et cetera, they work to obtain a search warrant immediately. The police will take up the information to the prosecutor who will write up a search warrant. They then take the search warrant to the judge who authorizes them to go find the gun.

When Someone May Find Out They are Being Investigated

Law enforcement officers do their best to avoid letting someone know if they are being investigated for anything, especially for a weapons charge. Most often, an individual does not find out they are under investigation until either they, or people they know, are called in for questioning by detectives or placed under arrest. At this point, enough investigation has been done to make the police department confident that they can charge someone. If an individual realizes they are being followed or watched, that might be an indicator that they are being investigated by a law enforcement agency. When someone finds out they are under a New York gun investigation, they should contact a seasoned defense lawyer right away.

How Police Officers Can Investigate a Person’s Car for Guns

The easiest way that an officer can investigate a person’s car for guns is if they obtain a valid search warrant to search the vehicle. The police could search a person’s vehicle without a search warrant if at a traffic stop the officer has probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. When this happens, the officer may see a gun on the floorboard or under the driver’s seat and then take action.

When a car is impounded, a search of the trunk and glove compartment and other closed parts of the car is conducted in an inventory search. If a gun is found, it can be charged to the person driving or to other people in the car. The inventory search is only done when the car is brought back to the precinct. Usually, the police cannot do an inventory search at the scene of the traffic stop and the person must already be under arrest or the search may be invalid.

Overall Sentiment Regarding Guns in New York

The overall sentiment regarding guns in New York is that guns are a danger to New Yorkers. Within the five boroughs, the majority of violent crime is committed with guns. Guns play a role in many of the homicides that take place in the city. This is why there is a constant upward push for punishments on gun cases. Placing more experienced prosecutors on gun cases is an effort to prevent individuals who have been caught with guns from being sent back out onto the streets to actually use the gun the next time. Overall, there is a cautious approach to any gun case in New York and they may get a lot of attention from the prosecutor’s office. When a gun case is assigned, it goes to prosecutors who know what they are doing. Therefore, if you are ever under any New York gun investigations, you should retain the services of a well-established gun lawyer.

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